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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the member-owner by providing a variety of financial services at competitive rates, while assuring the financial stability and future growth of the credit union.

What Services Does Cape Regional CU Offer?

Other financial institutions focus on money. Credit unions focus on people and results.

  • Members have access to Savings Accounts, Checking Accounts, Money Market Accounts, and Certificate of Deposit Accounts (CD’s).
  • How do our fees compare to banks? Ours are lower! And, there are no loan prepayment penalties or fees for signing up or using online banking.
  • We offer consumer loans on Vehicles, Motorcycles, ATV’s, RV’s, Tractors, Horse Trailers, and large Lawn Equipment. We also offer secured CD, and Savings account loans at reduced rates to our members.
  • We offer ATM or Debit Checkcards, (phone apps listing – no ATM fee usage), VISA cards, and Online banking.
  • Our board of directors are members who voluntarily serve a 2 year term and are elected by the members.
Why Cape Regional Credit Union?

See the Credit Union Difference

More than 1.3 million people in Missouri belong to credit unions. By having an account at Cape Regional Credit Union, you are a member-owner. The credit union is owned & operated by you!

Credit unions help members from all walks of life every day. Across the state, credit union members are a diverse group: teachers, doctors, lawyers, students, office workers, blue collar employees and retirees. Many are consumers who have not been able to find the financial help they need anywhere else – people who believe that with hard work and careful planning, they will be able to achieve their financial dreams.

Missouri is home is more than 153 credit unions–each working hard every day to help members reach their financial dreams. In their goal of meeting financial dreams, today’s credit union members have the same values that helped launch the credit union movement nearly 100 years ago in the United States.

Credit unions are based on the belief that the people who help manage your money should care about your dreams, share your values and be a real part of the community. Credit unions focus on people – not profits.

What Sets Credit Unions Apart?

Other financial institutions focus on money. Credit unions focus on people and results.


Credit unions are locally owned by their members. Our board of director’s are members who serve as unpaid volunteers. As members themselves, these volunteers understand members’ needs and focus on ways to meet those needs. Credit unions are financial democracies. No matter how much money a member has on deposit, each member has an equal vote in decisions for the credit union.


Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives. The money each credit union makes is invested back in it’s members in a variety of ways: lower loan rates, and fewer and lower fees are what our members enjoy! Credit unions’ most important responsibility is promoting the financial success of their members.

Member Benefits

From better rates to special programs, credit unions provide a wide range of member benefits.
All members are treated equally, no matter how much money they have on deposit. Credit unions reach out with special programs to growing numbers of Missourians who can’t get the help they need from other financial institutions.


Credit unions put people first and help members move forward financially. The values of credit unions reflect the values of their members. Without credit unions, the people of Missouri would have fewer options and opportunities. Credit unions provide an important consumer choice that’s good for Missouri and its communities.

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Credit Union History

The credit union movement began nearly 100 years ago in the United States. Missouri’s state lawmakers welcomed the not-for-profit financial cooperatives in 1927 by passing legislation that allowed credit unions to organize. That same year, St. Andrew Credit Union was the first Missouri credit union to receive its state charter.

During the Great Depression, when growing numbers of people found themselves without financial resources and without options, credit unions stepped up to help those in need. The number of credit unions in Missouri – and across the country – grew rapidly during this time.

As when credit unions first started, the credit unions of today are focused on helping members achieve their financial dreams.

The Division of Credit Unions, a branch of Missouri’s Dept of Economic development, regulates state-chartered credit unions. All Missouri credit unions are federally insured by NCUSIF – The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund-an arm of the NCUA, National Credit Union Administration.

The US Government backs this fund with full faith and credit just as it does the FDIC. NCUSIF provides the same amount of coveage for credit unions as the FDIC does for banks: up to $250,000 per depositor.