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Cape Regional Credit Union Is a Member of the Allpoint Atm Fee-free System

55,000 FEE-FREE Allpoint ATMs are Located Nationally and Regionally: Target, Walgreens, CVS, HUCKS, Safeway’s.

Local fee-free* ATM listings

*must enter “yes” to accept the atm machine fee, but You will not be charged when using Allpoint & co-op machines.

In Jackson, MO

  • D-Mart Highway 61, Jackson/Fruitland exit, MO.
  • P&G plant ATM site

In Cape Girardeau, MO

  • Hucks, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Target,
  • CRCU – 2427 Cape Centre Drive, Cape
  • Bi-State Oil Southern Convenience Store at 920 N Kingshighway, Cape (post office site)
  • Bi-State Oil Southern Convenience Store, 612 S. Sprigg St.
  • D-Mart -Shell, 3415 William St. Cape – next to McDonald’s/rt. K

Countrymarts in Fredericktown & Farmington!

*must enter “yes” to accept the atm machine fee, but you will not be charged a fee when using Allpoint & co-op machines. Please use the phone apps to verify if the atm is still listed on the Allpoint/co-op. We only issue refunds for machines listed on the Allpoint/co-op atm locater apps.

More surcharge-free ATMs for our members.

Co-op atms @ www.Co-opnetwork.Org

Fee-free at nearly 30,000 ATMs!
Download @ co-op atm.

Coop ATMs are located nationally at most credit unions & 7-elevens.

Online Locator.

Co-op extras*
*app is for locating co-op network ATMs only.
There is no charge for downloading the app at itunes.Com.
However, web charges may occur on your cell phone bill depending on your data plan. Check with your service provider.

Call 1-888-site-co-op (888-748-3266) to find a location by telephone.


Going out of town? Find a credit union near you.

Fraud/lost/stolen CRCU debit card?

Please contact us at 573-388-2330 or 573-334-7686 during business hours.

For fraud alerts

When receiving a text from our fraud dept-to alert you of possible fraud transaction(s) & the fraud dept requests you reply “Yes “Or “No” only,
(they will not be requesting any other information from you) please respond “No” immediately.

If the transaction is not yours, then:

1. Call 1-800-500-1044 immediately** to block your card and
2. **very important** – contact CRCU at 573-334-7686 or 573-388-2330

Or on the next business day when CRCU is closed – after hours, weekends, or on holidays.